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What if I have more questions?

Please, contact us if you have any additional questions.

General Questions

What kind of images are available on your site?

We have vector images, bitmap illustrations and photo images.

Where do you get the images from?

All our images are created by / Graphic Design Group Era team. All images meet and exceed industry standards.

Why buy images from you?

The best quality, low prices, personal approach - all our images are created by us so we can make changes just for you (for additional fee), create similar images using the same style, and address any questions you might have. We are very different from other microstock sites because we are the owners of all artwork available on the site.

Can I get any images for free?

Standard license is free for all images used for Graphic Design Group Era projects. If we work on any design project for you, you can select images from and we use them for your project free of charge (standard license only which is all you need for most projects).

How expensive are images on your site?

The price depends on image complexity and range from $4-$8 for standard license to $35-$75 for extended license. Most images cost $6 for standard license and $50 for extended license.

Why the prices are so low?

We are the owners and creators of all artwork. By selling images directly to you, we eliminate the need for "middle man" and can have a fair balance between low cost for you and decent income for us.

Do you offer any discount coupons?

Yes! Please, subscribe to our newsletter to receive our updates and discount coupons. You can subscribe on Contact page or during checkout process.

What file formats are available?

Vector illustrations are available in Adobe Illustrator format EPS version 8. EPS version 8 files are the most compatible with other vector application (like Inkscape or CorelDraw), and you don't need the latest Adobe Illustrator to open and use these files. We also have some vector files in EPS version 10 format to preserve transparancies in complex vectors. In this case, "eps10" will be one of the image keywords and in image title.

All images (vectors, illustrations, photos) are available as JPGs (bitmaps).

Is EPS (vector) file better than JPG (bitmap)?

Vector files have few advantages over bitmap files. Most importantly, they can be resized to any size without quality loss. They can also be edited if you need to make changes. You can always create bitmap images from vectors. The only disadvantage is that you need special vector editing software to use vector files. Free software applications like Inkscape are available.

If you don't have vector editing software, need only JPG file for your project and file dimensions are sufficient for your purposes, it might be convinient to purchase JPG (bitmap) file instead of vector.

Only images that were created as vectors are available in vector format.

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Image Purchase, Download and Refund Questions

How do I purchase your images?

It's very easy, just select the image you like, choose License type in a format you need, click "Add Cart" and proceed to Checkout. Every image is available as Standard License (appropriate for most uses) or Extended License (if you need to use it as part of template or print more than 300,000 copies of materials that contain the image). Vector images are available as EPS (vector) or JPG (bitmap). All other images are available as JPG (bitmap) only. Fractals will be available soon as PNG files with transparent background.

What payments methods do you accept?

We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover and PayPal.

I was transfered to PayPal and then accidently clicked cancel. Your site displayed Transaction Failed message and now my shopping cart is empty. How do I see details of this order?

Please, login into your account. You will see a Pending order under Purchase History. If you click on order details, you will see the list of images for the failed transaction.

Please contact Support if you need any help with your order.

How to download an image I purchased on your site

There are 3 ways to access the purchased images.

  • 1. Your payment confirmation page will have a download link
  • 2. Your order confirmation email will have a download link
  • 3. Your account page has Purchase History section with information about all orders you placed and download links.
Is there a limit on how many times or for how long the download links are available after the purchase?

Yes, download links are valid for 72 hours and image cannot be downloaded more than 3 times.

If you need to re-download your files after that, please contact Support and we'll refresh download links for you.

Can I get a refund if I don't want an image I purchased?

After you downloaded an image, your purchase is not refundable. However, contact us if you have a specific reason for a refund (for example, wrong image, wrong file format or wrong license was purchased, technical problems, etc.) and we will consider your request on case by case basis. We want to keep you, our customer, happy and we will honor all requests that have valid reason for a refund.

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Images Licensing, Allowed Use and Restrictions

What can I do with the images I purchased on your site?

You can use the image in your design projects, you can modify images in any way (modifications will not transfer the ownership or copyrights). There are certain restrictions for artwork use, for example,

  • a) You may not under any circumstances use the Authored Work in connection with any illegal, obscene, slanderous, immoral, or pornographic material.
  • b) You may not use the Authored Work in a way that would make people assume that the person(s) depicted on the Authored Work is/are endorsing a certain product or a service.
  • c) You may not use the Authored Work as part of a business name, trademark, service mark or logo.
  • d) You may not use the Authored Work for print-on-demand products (t-shirts, mugs, etc.)
  • e) You may not distribute, share, sell, or give away any Authored Work at any time for any reason whatsoever.
  • f) You may not use any download software, internet accelerators, or other similar software or automated programs to access or download the Authored Work from our website at any time.
  • g) You may not allow or authorize any third party to use the Authored Work for any purpose at any time or resell, sublicense, or otherwise make available the Authored Work for use or distribution separately or detached from a product or Web page.

See full Image Licensing Agreement for all details.

Do I own the images I purchased on your site?

No, after you purchase images on this site, they still belong to us. We only grant you limited license for images use and you don't have to pay us any royalties for use of our images. It's called Royalty-Free license. You may need to purchase Extended license if you plan to use our work in templates or print over 300,000 copies of materials that contain the image.

What is the difference between Standard and Extended Licenses?
Usage Standard License Extended License
Number of users 1 1
Copies of printed materials Up to 300,000 Unlimited
TV, online video, and film viewers Up to 300,000 Unlimited
Copies of software and apps Up to 300,000 Unlimited
Copies of web or print templates Not permitted Unlimited
Copies of merchandise for sale Not permitted Unlimited
Credit/Copyright Attribution: "" Required for editorial
use of images
Required for using images
in books, periodicals, film, TV,
and merchandise
Do you require credit attribution for Standard or Extended License?

Credit attribution is not required for most images, but it's appreciated. Please, use "Image(s) used under license from".

Some images may require copyright attribution and there will be a note with required copyright line on the image if this is the case.

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How do you use the information I provide during sign-in / checkout process?

The information you supply will be used by team to respond to your inquiries, supply you with requested information, or process orders you place with If you have submitted personal information to electronically and would like it to be removed or modified, please contact us at We will use reasonable efforts to comply with your request.

Your payment information is processed by PayPal, we never receive or store any credit card or account number information.

Please, review our Privacy Policy for additional information. back to top